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Blenders & Immersion

Blenders & Immersion

Customers love your delicious blender drinks, which is why you need a sturdy, heavy-duty commercial blender you can rely on. carries stainless steel, plastic and glass models that are available in a variety of single and two-speed styles. Serving the best mixed drinks in town is what you do best, and because knows you have a reputation to maintain, it has carefully selected the best bar blenders to help you get on with your job. Getting the right equipment is the first step toward building customer satisfaction.

When choosing the right Commercial blender for your application, be sure to consider the type of blender cup you need. Glass, stainless steel and plastic each have their own advantages and setbacks. Glass blender containers look clean and smart behind the bar, but since they are made of glass, they are more at risk for accidental chipping or breakage. Stainless steel is an ideal container because of its food-safe and rust-resistant properties. Some users prefer to actually be able to see into the container as the beverage is blending, however, and this is impossible with a metal container. Plastic is often the best bet, suitable for several different applications. High-durability polycarbonate helps make these blender cups extremely robust even when thrown into compartment sinks or accidentally dropped. Plastic will allow the user to see inside to make sure everything is blending correctly, and they are clear and clean looking, although they may stain over time depending on the ingredients being blended.

Food Blenders can also be used to chop and prepare food ingredients. Whip up some salsa, sauces, and more with the help of a good food blender like the ones you will find in this section. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit all your chopping needs. When chopping and liquefying large pieces of food you will need a strong blender that can handle the job. Professional blenders can feature a glass, plastic or stainless steel blender container, blending cold foods in a stainless steel blender container is your best bet for tasty ice cream, milk shakes and more. For blending ingredients inside your stock pot or sauce pot, check out our selection of Immersion Blenders, this type of blender is hand held and to use it you submerge the blades into a pot full of ingredients to blend, this type of blender is great for creamy soups, sauces, frosting and more.

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