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Eventide Senior Living

Location: Fargo, ND

Project Value: $503,000.00

Looking to add another community for seniors of the F-M area, Eventide opened their Senior Living Campus in South Fargo the summer of 2016. This elegant campus can accommodate 96 residents all in comfortable, private apartments. Culinex was called upon to help integrate clever kitchen designs that offer the kind of quality that residents of the Eventide communities have come to expect. The kitchen designs include a full-service kitchen located on the main floor along with an adorable coffee shop and short order kitchens available to residents on each floor.

Residents are now able to enjoy a prepared, nutritional meal from the main kitchen, they also have the ability to order a variety of sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and hot and cold coffee drinks from the coffee shop. The short order kitchens located on each floor of the Campus are available if residents would like a custom meal prepared. All the kitchen designs were created to enhance resident lifestyles by offering various dining concepts including restaurant style cooked-to-order, bistro café-style and patient room service tray services.

Culinex is proud to have been a partner with Eventide Senior Living to bring a high quality facility to the area that meets the needs of today’s seniors. With 2,846 square feet of kitchen space throughout the facility, Eventide Senior Living is an impressive design that Culinex is proud to have as part of their extensive portfolio.

Total Kitchen Area

2,846 square feet

Foodservice Director

Amanda Slotten

Foodservice Consultant

Dennis Hahn

Construction Manager

PACES Lodging

Project Architect

Med National

Project Completion

July 2016